I don’t even have the energy to write. Im disgusted and enraged. I took an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. I know soldiers who got more respect for the Taliban. Than the police have for citizens. I’m disgusted. A fellow soldier said he felt safer in Iraq. As an Afghanistan war veteran myself I can’t help but sympathize.. and honestly that’s saddening..

Untitled #2

My crown is a gray cloud with endless downpour to rinse the pain….

Back in my adolescences momma told me I was destined for greatness. Yet still I’m at times, I question myself. Knowing that it takes patience, I’m a figure, pure splendor, mixed, so what you see just ain’t your average N***a , im shrouded in sadness, and every King needs a Queen, so who do I fall back on? It just a hassle. Stressed out in life so I keep smoking tobacco, I know I’m damaging my temple, but my soul is intact, my crown has a story, but best believe it’s intact.

We’ve all came along way and the road is long. Here’s some gas to continue down the road of life…

The Worst Pain

The only time my cup over runneth is when I cope.

That’s when I start feeling lazy and start to plummet.

Hope I don’t bust my chin.

Vertigo is kicking in.

Let me pass out and sink into this dark abyss….

I’ll probably never know how to mourn friends.


I’m tryna hold it together within.

I know over time pain ends.

So here’s a toast to the time spent…

The Worst Pain, losing a great friend…

Hell on Earth

My crowns a gray cloud

it follows round’

Drenched in downpour

So nobody dripping as hard as I

Thunder and lighting

The background music to my life

I look into the sky

There’s Zero sunlight

darkness overshadows my path

With a ground layered with burning ash.

Hell on earth is where I’m at…

Untitled #1

When everything you have comes crashing down on you, just keep moving on, living strong, and eventually you’ll find your place in life where you belong.

Those who say I can’t and can are probably both right, but those words are contradicting and they tend to fight.

Conform not until this world but instead allow the world to conform unto you but in order to do that we must do, and that my friend is when you join the few who think of others instead of themselves.

Be humble be proud for you will never be a part of the crowd you are what’s called different unique something I found in me, because here in this life with the ones you love is where you’re meant to be.

Blessed be those who’ve found peace and tranquility….

The Master

I can take to the chin, a lot of things. Even if it comes from family, you thought that was kin. Been left stranded blowing in the wind. I’ve picked my self up so many times, I know myself. There’s greatness deep within. I take heed to the masses, I see evil lurking filled with sin. To hell with the bastards. With Head on swivel Im prepared for disaster. I can’t afford to be distracted. That’s me moving backwards, and in this life that I’m living best believe that I’m my own Master.